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Voyageur is more that just the name of my studio.

Voyageur is the name of my personal design studio. The studio itself was created as an excuse for me to create fun designs and explore different techniques and styles in my work.

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It’s in the name…

Voyageur is named after one of my favorite, and Minnesota’s only, National Park: Voyageurs National Park. Located on the US-Canada border near International Falls, Voyageurs is known for its portaging, remote campsites and unique houseboat sites. In the past, French traders known as “Voyageurs” engaged in trading with the local Ojibwe people. It is from these traders the park gets its name.
I also chose voyageur because this is the place I get to explore the many different paths of design. Every project I complete is a new voyage into the design field and I felt that was a clever slogan. Ha.

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