Maps By Design: Creating Cartographic Stories


Book Design
Graphic Design

A thesis and book layout exploring the intersections between storytelling, mapmaking, and graphic design.

Maps featured in this book are copyrighted to their respective owners. Citations are included in the book in the bibliography section.

I am utterly fascinated by geographic maps and their ability to tell the story of a place as it was during a given time period.
As a part of my University of Minnesota: College of Design Senior Thesis & Exhibition, I wrote a ten-page thesis paper examining the intersections of design, cartography, and storytelling.
Then designed a layout for the thesis in an 8.5x11 book format. 2 hard copies were printed using

In designing the layout for this thesis, I wanted to incorporate a topographic map texture to the background of the pages to provide some visual interest and add to the reader's immersion. On the green chapter title pages, that texture is a map of Voyageurs National Park. On the cream colored body pages, a map of the North Shore of Minnesota along Lake Superior is mirrored across the spread.

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