How To Build A Campfire


Graphic Design

Illustrative informational poster describing how to build an adventurer's best friend, a campfire.

How To Build A Campfire is an informational poster detailing the process of assembling a campfire in a simplistic and easy to understand way. Inspired by vintage diagrams and Boy Scout handbooks, the illustrations are meant to do most of the describing--with typography only coming into play when absolutely needed.

Each step on the poster was composed as a separate illustration. In fact, each step can be broken down further into various components. Each were drawn separately then combined into the objects together later like graphical LEGO. This building block approach allowed me to keep the design accurate between steps and illustration sessions.

I wanted the illustrative elements to feel imaginative and friendly, even though they had to resemble their real-life depictions. I eventually settled on a bold line style with flat, almost comic book like coloring while keeping the vintage charm of rough lines and faded ink.

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