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A warm and cozy rebrand that embraces the cold that Minnesota Winters bring.

This proposal was my first foray into creating an entire identity design from scratch. This was a student project, it’s simply a proposal and not real client work.

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You’ll notice the above moose icon is the same as the one featured in my “Voyageur” project. I originally developed the icon for this proposal and thought it fun to incorporate in in the Voyageur color-way.

Project Goals

  • Create a new yet recognizable identity system for the festival
  • Incorporate holiday themed elements from all December holidays
  • Really focus in on the Minnesota Winter and all it brings
  • Develop a dynamic mark with a corresponding icon set.
  • Create a one and full color design
Visual Portfolio, Posts & Image Gallery for WordPress

Various mockups for promotional material for the event.

Visual Portfolio, Posts & Image Gallery for WordPress

Above are various process sketches and layouts. I originally created 2 different directions and then from there created rough layouts and designs for each direction. Once I received feedback I decided to combine the too directions into one and incorporate assets from both. I also created a website wireframe prototype to showcase what a potential web version would be.