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Through Gopher Digital Productions and Gopher Athletics, I have had to opportunity to develop motion graphic and video skills.

The Women's Hockey 25th Anniversary design was created by the Gopher Athletics creative team. The animation and backdrop for the video were done by myself. Cub Plays of the Week was originally designed by Alyssa Connel and has since been re-designed and formatted by myself.

As an employee of Gopher Athletics, I have been able to film, edit, design, and animate many different videos and graphics. Some highlights of the job have been animating the official Women's Hockey Team bumper for the 2021-2022 season, and redesigning the Cub Plays of The Week videos.

Cub Plays of the Week is a weekly series that I put together for the Gopher Athletics social channels. Originally it was designed by Alyssa Connel, a former employee. This year I updated the base video to feel at home with the rest of Gopher Athletics' digital content, the first and third images recieved new face lifts but have largely the same layout from the original design. The frame and title card (second image) is an all new layout designed to limit the need for too much video resizing distortion as most content from TV programs is in 720p vs the 1080p resolution we upload for web content.

I was asked to animate the 25th Season bumper that was included on all videos commemorating the Women's Hockey Team's accomplishments. I had to completely rework the original design file and separate each element. This required a few hours of re-designing many of the assets seen in the emblem and preparing them for animation. The result is a completely 3D emblem with shading animating against a video backdrop of famous Gopher Women's Hockey moments.

An example video of the Women's Hockey bumper being used.

Full Cub Plays of the Week video published on November 2nd, 2021. Completely Edited by myself.

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