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Cream of Wheat

Using design to change racist perceptions and stereotypes.

This project was a study on racism in design, especially in food packaging and branding. Our group focused on Cream of Wheat’s historically racist packaging which featured Frank L Wright, a Chicago-area chef who was paid $5 for his photo. His image would go on to be used in numerous advertisements and eventually, would make its way to the hot cereal’s packaging.
We were tasked to create a new identity for their packaging that not only removed the hurtful imagery but also worked to repair the harm it caused. We thought it was best to be as straight forward as possible when explaining why we were changing the branding of a beloved cereal to many.
Below you’ll see the work I designed as part of the project. You’ll also see an interactive flipbook of our group’s entire project. I worked primarily on the packaging design, but had a hand in every part of the process, providing feedback and generating ideas.

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You’ll notice the above moose icon is the same as the one featured in my “Voyageur” project. I originally developed the icon for this proposal and thought it fun to incorporate in in the Voyageur color-way.

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Final Packaging wireframe

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Above you’ll see in process and ideation sketches and mockups I did to formulate my ideas. Overall this process took a few months to work out.

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