About Me...

Welcome to my Studio! My name is Jack Wiese. I am a Minneapolis based Graphic Designer specializing in type and identity design. I am available for freelance inquiries and employment. Check out my online market for digital goods and physical merchandise (like prints).

If my name is Jack, why call it Voyageur?

When I was designing this website, a place for my digital portfolio to live, I wanted to create a personal brand that was more than just my name. I thought about my own personal interests and design style and really ran with it. The result was Voyageur Design Studio, named after Voyageurs National Park along the Minnesota-Canada border.

What is Wild-At-Heart?

For me, Wild-At-Heart means that you are open to new horizons and new approaches to different things. You are always wanting to explore and learn more about a subject. This is the approach I take to design. I have a strong Do-It-Yourself attitude and with that means learning many different skills.